What headphones do you use to listen to electronic music?

 If you think that the original IPHONE headphones are very powerful, please feel conscious of ESC, wait until you understand that the IPHONE headphones are not powerful and then come back to see.

 IPHONE original headphones are just higher than the original headphones of other mobile phone brands, the sound is more clear, but it really has to be compared with the brand of headphones, it is really garbage. Be sure to understand this.

 With your eyes wide open, it’s just better than the original headphones of other mobile phone brands, and the headphones of the headset brand can’t compare.

 The sound zone is a general term for treble, midrange, and bass, and from the perspective of the sound zone because the center of gravity of electronic music is the instrument sound, not the human voice. Most of the instrument sounds belong to the bass and treble, and the vocals belong to the middle. Therefore, when buying headphones, you must not buy headphones with the high midrange. Many earphones will write music suitable for listening to the style of music. In fact, the reason for this difference is that their sound zone adjustment is different. In short, don’t buy headphones that are especially high-pitched.

 If you are a DJ or music producer, you must use monitor headphones and monitor speakers when you work. What is the monitor earphone and monitor sound, in fact, it is very simple to understand, that is, headphones without sound rendering. Because we are in the process of working, DJ playing sounds when listening to music, music producers making music, we must hear the most realistic sound, so that we can adjust the equalizer. I don’t have to say this. No sound rendering, equivalent to no modification, no modification is equivalent to completely restore the music. Therefore, in the course of work, it is definitely necessary to use the monitor headphones and monitor audio. It’s not good to listen to the headphones and monitor the sound, but to restore its true look. So it’s also a good way to tell everyone that if you’re not working on a DJ’s disc or music producer’s music production, there’s no need to use a monitor.

Then choose earphones, listen to electronic music, especially electronic music in dance music, you can focus on headphones with high bass. In fact, they are the subwoofer headphones they say, and what subwoofer sounds. Because if you use this high-altitude earphone, it will sound more DANCE for the music of dance music.

 But if you don’t want to specifically increase the bass, you can choose HIFI headphones. HIFI headphones are actually high-fidelity headphones, high-fidelity headphones and monitor headphones are completely different. High-fidelity headphones are very high-quality, high-fidelity, but still have sound. If you don’t want to focus on raising the bass, choose a HIFI headset. The monitor headphones are completely restored, no sound. But that is the definition is this, in fact, hundreds of thousands of monitor headphones cannot achieve 100% reduction.

 Seriously, I think that if you choose both HIFI headphones and so-called heavy bass headphones, I recommend you to use HIFI headphones, because HIFI headphones are more high-fidelity, and the sound quality is more clear. The so-called subwoofer headphones do sound a bit more awkward. After all, it adds to the bass, but there is no such original feeling. So I have come up with both, you see that you want higher sound quality, then choose HIFI headphones, want to be more DANCE, then choose the so-called subwoofer headphones.

 All of the above said that you can understand how to choose headphones, at least let everyone distinguish the type of headphones. Then recommend the brand.

 The monitor headphones I use for discs are Beyerdynamic and Panasonic. The headphones used for every day listening to songs are Sennheiser and edifier.

For every day listening to headphones, here are five brands recommended: Sennheiser/Beyerdynamic/deifer/v-moda/audio-technica

 And if it is for monitor headphones, the following are the monitor headphones used by the 2014 Top 100 DJ in disc making and music production.


5 well-known headset brands


Sennheiser, the German headset brand founded in 1945 by Dr. Fritz Sennheiser, is recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of professional microphones and earphones. It is also recognized as a radio, infrared sound transmission technology, auscultation headset, and air call. A pioneer in headsets, multimedia communications, call center headsets and headsets.

Sennheiser’s traditional style is thick and open, faithful and sweet, and in recent years Sennheiser’s product style has turned to beautiful. Its current flagship HD800 is the top product in the open dynamic headphones. It has a wide sound field and is well suited for symphony under good driving conditions.


JVC was founded in Yokohama, Japan in 1927. The company began to produce headphones in 1977. It currently has its own headset design and development studios in Japan, the United States, and Europe. It also has its own production plants in Japan, Malaysia, China, and Korea. Many patented earphone technologies, such as out-of-phase diaphragm technology and wood-based bio-diaphragm technology, have always been known for technological innovation.

And with good sound quality, it has won a very large overseas sales. According to statistics, JVC headphones occupied first place in the UK market share in 2010. In the same year, JVC headphones occupied second place in the French market.

 Audio Technica

Japan’s Audio-Technica was founded in 1962. The TLD Global Development Team has been dedicated to the design, manufacture, marketing, and distribution of audio equipment. The company has shifted from the initial research and development of photographs to the development of high-performance headphones, microphones and other electronic products.

Its earphone products are best known for their high-end Hi-Fi headphones. And its products are easy to drive, the shape is avant-garde, the craft is excellent, the wearing is comfortable, the sound is warm and clear. Currently recommended products on the market include Art Monitor A Series, Air Dynamic , and Flagship Wood Case Headphones W Series.


Grado is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of headphones and cartridges, one of the world’s four largest headset manufacturers, named after the designer Joe Grado. It is a hand-made earphone factory with simple earphone structure, simple style, and unique flavor as the appearance.

Grado is the representative of the American sound style, fast, strong enough, warm and rich in tone, and the contrast of the style of Sennheiser. Grado is especially good at rock music, jazz, dance, vocals, etc. It is also very attractive to play classical music.


Philips Electronics is one of the world’s largest electronics companies, ranking first in Europe. It is a world leader in color televisions, lighting, electric shavers, medical diagnostic imaging, and single-chip TV products. At the same time, it has won a very good reputation in the fields of headphones, mobile phones and tablet computers by virtue of its superb research and development capabilities in precision equipment technology.

Philips’ headphones are not only exquisite, simple, and stylish, but also very good in terms of sound quality. It is suitable for pop music and classical music, and it is very shocking, and the good rhythm makes the music dynamic.